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All about Tokuoka, the highest quality material for hand towels There are two main types of fabric used for making tenugui hand towels: Bun fabric and Oka fabric. Bun fabric is a roughly woven fabric that uses thick thread, making it coarse, thick, and breathable. Due to its loosely woven construction, it has a firmer texture but also a great deal of breathability and water absorption, and it accepts dyes well.On the other hand, Oka fabric is a softer material with a finer weave, which is better suited to more complex design expressions. Due to being woven with finer thread, it has a rather soft touch and gentle texture. Even higher in quality than Oka fabric is what is known as Tokuoka fabric("toku" means "special"). Tokuoka boasts excellent durability and texture and is resistant to fading even after repeated washings, allowing you to truly enjoy the feel of fabric. [Fabric characteristics] Bun:A coarse fabric used for regular tenugui hand towels. Oka:Made with finer thread than Bun fabric Tokubun: Thick, study fabric Tokuoka: Fine, soft fabric