A wide variety of items adorned with Japan's ancient Magatama symbol, created by the hands of Japanese Craftsmen.


The Magatama is said to have created in Japan during the Jomon Preriod(14,000-1,000BCE).

Before we knew it, we became completely fascinated with this design.

We thendecided to enlist the help of Japanese craftsmen in making a variety of items. Since ancient times it has been said that the Magatama possesses mysterious powers, and it has often been worn as talisman to protect from evil spirits and disaster, and also as an accessory.

Additionally Japan'smythical Three Sacred Treasures -the sword known as "Kusanagi no Turugi", the mirror "Yata no Kagami", and the jewel "Yaskano Magatama",-are a sign of imperial sucssession and have been inherited by emperors of japan over the years.

There are numerous theories as to the meaning of the Magatama shape, including the waxing and waning of the moon, drops of water, an unborn child, and even the fangs of animals, but none of these are certain.

This sacred shape transcends time as has been passed down from olden times to modern-day Japan, shaped by the skilled hands of craftsmen of every era.

We at MAGATAMANIUA want to discover, appreciate, and also express in numerous forms thruogh the hands of skilled Japanese craftsmen, Magatama that exist in various dimensions.

The products we offer allow you to experience the life-enriching power that Japan has been blessed with since ancient times.

Whats is Magatama?

○The Magatama is a talisman that that has been passed down to successive generations since ancient times.

Many have been discoverd in ancient ruins, and it is known that Magatama was already being made as far back as the Jomon Period(14,000-1,000BCE).

Since ancient times it has been said to possess mysterious powers, and it has often been worn as talisman to protect from misfortune and evil spirits.

Japan's mythical Three Sacred Treasure-the jewel known as"Yasakani no Magatama", the mirror"Yata no Kagami", and the sword"Kusanagi no Turugi"-are said to be a sign of succession to the imperial throne.

The Magatama's mysterious shape consists of the head part representing the sun and the tail part representing the moon, and the overlapping of the two shapes represents worship of the majestic universe.

There are of course, other theories, such as the following.

The Crescent Moon Shape Theory

It is said that the continual waxing and waning of the moon gives it the power to regenerate life, and that people in ancient times wore this cresent shaped item as tribute to the moon they worshipped as a god.

The Unborn Chiled Shapes Theory

The unborn chiled that symbolized the beginning of life was regarded as a sign of youth and strength, and was said to have magical powers.

The Traditional Japanese "Tomoe" Shape Theory

Tomoe shape is reminiscent of the Yin and Yang, and can be seen in roof tiles patterns as well as family crests.

  • 包む

  • WRAP
  • 敷く

  • LAY
  • 飾る

  • 着ける

  • WEAR
  • 味わう

  • 癒す

  • HEAL




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